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Rhythmic Foundation DVD

Rhythmic Foundation DVD
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Jim Donovan's Rhythmic Foundation is an interactive African drumming DVD for Everyone.

This Djembe and Djun Djun drumming DVD is designed for beginning drummers, lifelong players as well as teachers.

Over 2 hours of enjoyable, easy to follow, step-by-step play-along lessons!

What you will learn with this DVD:

  • Technique for djembe, djun-djuns and bell - tones, positions and effective ways to make your drum speak
  • 8 Traditional West and Central African Drum pieces - Step by step instruction for: Fanga, Mutwashi, Oke, Osain, Mapasa, Shiko, Nyabinghi Heartbeat and Hi life
  • Rhythmic Ear Training - Develop the capacity to hear and listen on a deeper level
  • Rhythms for deep relaxation - Learn to use your to drum to help you release stress
  • How to create your own music with your drum - Have fun drumming while you jam along with Jim and his friends
  • Extensive dexterity, speed and power exercises - Build your chops, confidence and abilities to solo

Plus you get access to printable PDF lessons, practice regimens and full access to a complete library of rhythm resources!

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