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African Conga Drum

African Conga Drum
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Manufacturer: Ghana


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African Conga Drum

This African Conga Drum or Tumbadora measures 26 inches tall with a head size of 10 inches.

The Conga drum is a contribution from the Congolese. The rhythms typically played on the Conga are Afro-Cuban, Congolese, Salsa and Latin.

Hand crafted in Ghana, West Africa, this Conga drum is constructed from a single piece of legally harvested Masonia wood.

Masonia wood is a beautiful rich brown wood and sounds great!

The Drum is hand rubbed with a natural wax finish to prevent cracking. The bearing (rim of the drum where the head rests over the shell) and the bottom edges have been sealed with an extra heavy wax to improve the sound quality.

Laced with a non-stretch nylon rope, the drum easily holds its tone.

Rings are made of welded steel and wrapped in cotton kente cloth to protects the drum head and rope.

A rope handle is added to make it easy to carry.

The head is constructed from calf skin and is easy on your hands.

The Conga drum is typically played with the hands. However, you can use soft mallets without damaging the heads.

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