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Ribbon Didgeridoo

Ribbon Didgeridoo
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If this Didg. were straight, it would be a full 59" long! 

In Ribbon form it's only 21.5" Long - Take it Anywhere

Here is a Ribbon-Shaped Didgeridoo that is designed to sound and play like a traditional Aboriginal Didg., but compact for easy travel.

The hardwood Didgeridoo is a rich walnut color.

Comes with a padded carrying case so you can easily take the Didgeridoo with you.

Djembes and Didgeridoos, what a great combination!

Didgeridoos produce a beautifully organic, meditative sound that accompanies the Djembe Drummers wonderfully. 

If you are looking for a travel Didg, you can stop looking. This Didgeridoo is truly the perfect Didg for traveling or if you just don't like the awkwardness of a long didgeridoo.

Overall size: 6.5" X 21.5"
Weight Only: 4 lbs. appx.
Made from leagally harvested hard wood from Indonesia
Color: Redish Walnut

Also called Aerophone, Didghorn, Spiraldoo. 

It's good to know this Didgeridoo shape was designed by the Australians - Who else?

Play from the Heart & Play Often!

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