Key Tuned Djembe

KeyTuned Djembes

Key/Wrench Tuned Djembes - Easy "Conga Drum" like Tuning
Refined Durable Finishes
Solid Hardware - Easy to Maintain
Traditional Goat Skin Drum Head
Rubber Foot - Secure Non-Skid Base
Environmentally Friendly Siam Oak

Beautiful Finishes and Hardware!!


Tycoon Key Tuned Djembe
Crafted in Thailand
Easy to Tune Mechanism Using a Standard Wrench (included)

In our rapidly changing world, every decision can make a difference for the future.  That's why we [at Tycoon Drums] have committed to using only certified plantation farmed Siam Oak in the production of our instruments.  Renewed every 5 - 7 years, this carefully managed resource is easier on the environment than wood taken from old-growth forests. These finely crafted drums are a responsible choice for the future.  Thank you for joining us in making the world a better place.