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Key Tuned Tycoon Djembe - 12" X 24" Master Tour Series

Key Tuned Tycoon Djembe - 12" X 24" Master Tour Series
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Product ID : TJT-712 BC
Manufacturer: Thailand


Lifetime Drum Head Service Guarantee


This Tycoon Djembe has a 12" head and stands 24" tall.

The finish on this drum is as rugged as they come!

Tycoon Djembes are constructed from environmentally friendly Siam Oak. They are built using a stave construction (vertical slats of wood).

This Djembe incorporates a metal hoop with a wrench style tuning mechanism for quick and easy tuning. Also referred to as a Conga Drum Tuning system.

The head is made in a traditional method, using high grade goat skin. A great blend of new and old world technology!

The bottom edge of the drum is protected with a heavy rubber ring which also keeps the drum stable while playing.
This Djembe produces a very clear tone. The mechanical tuning mechanism creates a more brittle/crisp tone compared to the traditional Rope Tuned Djembe which generally produce a more earthy/round tone.

Durability and ease of maintenance make this a great drum to incorporate with a drum set.


- 12"X24" Standard head and height Select grade Siam Oak from Thailand
- Thick Goat Skin head for durability and clear controlled tones
- Tuning Wrench included Djembe Strap included
- Very rugged finish with a coarse tecture
- Brushed Pewter Hardware

An ideal Djembe for mounting in a Djembe stand

Tycoon Percussion are Crafted in Thailand using eco-friendly Siam Oak.  "In our rapidly changing world, every decision can make a difference for the future.  That's why we [at Tycoon Drums] have committed to using only certified plantation farmed Siam Oak in the production of our instruments.  Renewed every 5 - 7 years, this carefully managed resource is easier on the environment than wood taken from old-growth forests. These finely crafted drums are a responsible choice for the future.  Thank you for joining us in making the world a better place."

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