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Icthus Djembe Drum 9 X 20

Icthus Djembe Drum 9 X 20
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Product ID : DP_ICTHUS_20NC
Manufacturer: Indonesia


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“Come with me and I will make fishers of Men" Mark 1:17

The fish outline is an early Christian symbol.

Djembe drums work very well in the music ministry. They produce a wide range of tunes making them very versatile. The Djembe volume is easily controlled to adjust to different volume situations. Djembes are easy to handle, move around and store. No special stands are needed, just a chair.

Add the Lifetime Drum Head Service Guarantee to your Djembe purchase and World Wide Drums will replace your drum head free for as long as you own your drum.  This Service Guarantee covers all labor and materials.

Djembe Technical Specifications:

  • Drum is 20 inches tall, head size 9 inches
  • Drum weight 5lbs
  • Made from a single piece of select grade plantation grown mahogany for a clear resonant drums sound
  • Kiln dried to reduce cracking
  • Legally harvested wood supporting the ecology and economy of the native country
  • Consistent bearing edges of improved sound quality and ease of tuning
  • Goat skin drum head from the back of the goat where the skin is thicker for great bass tones and longer head life
  • Base and crown rings wrapped with cotton cloth for long rope life
  • Rope tuned tightly with non-stretch weather resistant alpine rope for good bass and crisp slap drum tones
  • Lightly varnished to seal in the natural wood oils to protect from cracking
  • Rope handle for secure carrying and extra rope for easy tension adjustments.

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