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Mali Djembe - Melina Wood 10"X18"

Mali Djembe - Melina Wood 10"X18"
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Looking for a smaller drum that still produces a wide range of tones from Bass to Slap?  Here is the drum that can deliver. 

We had these Djembes built for customers who are looking for a drum that has the great Mali punch and tone but also want a more manageable size and weight.

These Djembes maintain that great Mali craftsmanship, the wonderful bass tones for which the Mali drums are known and top quality skin and rope that will hold up to the tensions sometimes needed for the high slap tones, here is a new design you will love to play!

Here is the difference...This Djembe is constructed from Melina Wood (Gmelina Arborea). This wood is not as dense and heavy as Lenke, Guenou or Casha and it is not soft like Masonia wood from Ghana. We think the Melina wood makes a great Djembe, especially for those people where weight makes a difference. Most importantly, Melina Wood is very stable and less likely to crack.

The shell is well sanded inside and out and hand rubbed with Shea Butter for protection from cracking and provides a nice natural luster.

Lifetime drum head replacement guarantee is available to ensure years of rhythmic nourishment  Cool

Djembe Specifications:
• Drum Height 18" - travels well, easy to hold
• Head Diameter 10" - maintains range, high to low 
• Bell (base) Diameter 7.5" produces great sound projection
• Bell Thickness .75" improves resonance and reduces weight
• Drum Weight 7lbs 
• Thick Goat skin head with spine centered - provides greatest tone control
• Shell treated with shea butter - preserves wood moisture and reduces shell cracking
• Rings fitted snugly to shell - transfers head vibration to shell to produce a lively drum that sings
• 4mm heavy duty non-stretch rope - holds up to demanding tesion levels and keeps the drum in tune
• Wood Melina (Gmelina Arborea)

Play from the heart!


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