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Mali Djembe 12" X 24"

Mali Djembe 12" X 24"
Price: $280.00
Product ID : Mali Casha 12x24



This master crafted Djembe fom Mali West Africa is made with Casha wood.  It is capable of producing powerful bass tones as well as high slaps.  This wood is extremely hard, dense and stable.  These drums are easy to play because you can pull a nice, open tone from the drum without striking it hard. 

If you like the sound and craftsmanship of the Kangaba Djembe, you will love this drum!

The rings are custom fitted to each drum to ensure a tight fit which produces a more resonant drum. 

Special care is given to the skin selection and installation to ensure you get the most from these beautiful drum shells.  Mali Skins tend to be thicker than most and stretch less.  This means they will last longer, stretch less (less tuning).  If you desired a drum tuned to a very high pitch, these skins can take it.

Add the Lifetime Drum Head Service Guarantee to your Djembe purchase and World Wide Drums will replace your drum head free for as long as you own your drum.  This Service Guarantee covers all labor and materials.

Like other finely crafted instruments, these drums are an absolute pleasure to play.

Djembe Specifications:

  • Drum Height 24" - standard for adult players
  • Head Diameter 12" ideal for maximum range
  • Bell (base) Diameter 9" - produces great sound projection
  • Bell Thickness is ¾" - improves resonance and reduces weight
  • Drum Weight 18lbs
  • Thick Goat skin with spine centered - provides greatest tone control
  • Shell treated with shea butter - preserves wood moisture and reduces shell cracking
  • Rings fitted snugly to shell - transfers head vibration to shell to produce a lively drum that sings
  • Wood Casha (Cassia Siamea)

Brought to you by World Wide Drums - Purveyors of Rhythmic Nourishment


Play from the heart!


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Product Reviews

Reviewed by Squirt
07/08/2014 - 03:38:21 PM

Casha Wood Djembe

Solid drum. Very nice bass and solid piercing tone and slaps. Drum is finished
like a much more expensive drum. Nice addition to my collection.

5 Star drum for the money!

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