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Wula Djembe 13.5" X 24.5"

Guinea Djembe Drum World Wide Drums
Price: $500.00
Product ID : W1727
Manufacturer: Guinea




This drum is a classic style Djembe. Classic bowl shape, throat opening, and base. There is something to be said for the tried and true classic designs; they simply work. When in the drum circle, you will never worry if your drum sounds authentic again.

Many players who favor the option to move from a goat skin Djembe to a calf skin Djembe find this drum an attractive choice. This drum is designed to support a tightly tuned calf skin for incredible slaps.

This particular drum is mounted with high quality goat skin head simply because this is the traditional skin for a Djembe.

It's nice to know you always have the option to switch to a calf skin drumhead some day!

Check out the Acajou wood on this Djembe.  If you like deep rich wood character - you wll love this wood.


  • Head size: 13.5"
  • Height: 24.5"
  • Weight: 19.6 lbs.
  • Rope: 5mm non-stretch
  • Wood: Acajou

Carefully crafted by Wula master drum builders.

Wula carefully constructs each instrument with the artist in mind.

You are buying the exact drum pictured

World Wide Drums reminds you to always Play from the heart!

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