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Wula Djembe 12.5" X 24.5"

Guinea Djembe Drum World Wide Drums
Price: $625.00
Product ID : W3000
Manufacturer: Guinea



This Wula Drum was handcrafted by master drum builders in Guinea, West Africa.

This is a Select grade heartwood bass Djembe.  It was sculpted in such a way to produce powerful bass tones without compromising the Slap tone. 

The heartwood used in the Select Djembe provides maximum wood stability, resistance to cracking and a very resonant tone. The select heartwood, exacting sculpture combined with precise, tight head mounting techniques bring you a drum with deep, resonant tonal range.  A joy to play.  This drum will make your heart smile and your worries melt away.

The melodic nature of this Djembe, with its barreling resonant bass, makes this instrument stand out in any ensemble.

The rubber tire base is a great feature. Not only does it protect the base of the drum, it holds the Drum in place while you play so you don't struggle to keep the drum from sliding around. You will enjoy drumming more when you can focus on the drumming and not worry about what the drum is doing.

The dark Khadi wood is absolutely gorgeous - If you are a dark wood fan, you have found your drum.  About one in about 20 drums come in with wood grain as beautiful as this.


  • Head Diameter:12.5"
  • Height: 24"
  • Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Wood Type: Khadi
  • Wood Grade: Select Heartwood
  • Rope: 5MM internal barade none stretch


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Djembe full carved base select heartwood

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