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Djun Djun Bell - Large

Djun Djun Bell - Large
Price: $25.95
Product ID : Djun Bell Std L


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This Large hardened steel Djun Djun Bell was hand hammered in Mali West Africa by experienced blacksmiths.  The bell produces a clear crisp ring.

The Djun Djun Bell measures 6..75 inches tall and 3 inches wide.

This is a high quality Djun Bell and is not as crude as the bells from Ghana.

The Djun bell is traditionally attached to the side of the Djun Djun drum by sliding one half of the bell through the lacing of the drum. The exposed half of the bell is free from obstruction and is left to ring clear as a dinner bell. The Djun Djun bell is played with an iron striker which is included. They can also be played by holding in your hand.

They make a great addition to the drum circle or ensemble. The Djun Djun Bell has much more ring than a cowbell. No Djun Djun player should be without a bell. Sold individually, as seen here, or as a set when available.

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