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Gankogui Medium

Gankogui Medium
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The Gankogui, pronounced gon-KOE-gui, is also known as the agogo bell, double bell, or hi-low bell. 

The Gankogui is an essential part of the drum circle keeping time and adding an overall drive or anchor point for the drumming. It is a very important part of traditional West African and Brazilian rhythm patterns.

These Gankogui are hand hammered of iron. The high bell is pitched about a third up from the lower bell. This is another must have in the jam session and makes a world of difference in the overall sound of the session.

World Wide Drums features the most traditional bell sizes; the low bell is 7.5 inches and the high is 3 inches. These sizes produce the brightest voices which will stand out in the largest drum circle. A wood beater is included.

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