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Shaved Goat Skin - Thick - Mali, West Africa

Shaved Goat Skin - Thick - Mali, West Africa
Price: $45.00
Product ID : Skin Mali



These Goat Skins produce a very focused and powerful sound. With the spine centered for optimum performance, they are the best quality shaved goat skin we have found.

They are well shaved, cleaned and dried thoroughly to avoid any "gamey" odors. Each Goat Skin has been selected for its consistency in thickness, void of thin spots and blemishes, such as hide scars and pimples.

If you like your drum tuned extremely tight, these Mali goat skins will hold up to the tension.

These Skins are cut to fit drums up to 18" in diameter with enough excess for easy installation and trimming.

Why put anything less than the best on your professional or Lead Djembe?

Also a great choice if you simply want to upgrade the sound of any Djembe.

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