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Ksink Ksink Djembe Resonator

Ksink Ksink Djembe Resonator
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These Ksink Ksink's are 8 inches tall and 4 inches wide. Also known as Resonators, Kashink Kashink, Se Se or Segeh Segeh. They are traditionally placed around the drum in a group of three as shown. Here we are offering them individually. These Ksink Ksinks are constructed from galvanized tin. They are shaped to resemble the shields used by the war drummer. Yes they are crude, but authentic.

Built in Ghana, West Africa by the drummers who use them. They have a very pleasant shaker sound. They are attached to the drum by slipping the stem of the Ksink Ksink through the top ring lacing. A strap can be added for extra security. The strap can be a piece of rubber or canvas webbing.

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