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Shekere Large

Shekere Large
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This African Shekere or gourd shaker measures approximately 10 inches in diameter and is hand crafted in Ghana West Africa. The end is cut open to improve the instrument's projection or volume. A long cord is strung though holes on one end which can be wrapped around your hand or placed around your neck providing multiple methods for holding and playing the instrument.

The Shekere is constructed from a dried and hollowed gourd with a netting of polished hard seeds strung around the outside. The netting is hand tied from light yet durable nylon string, about the same gage as fish netting. The Shekere is an important African instrument for the purposes of accompanying the Djembe or any drum circle.

This instrument is very versatile and often found in many styles of music. In Africa, it is mainly found in Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Benin and Sierra Leone.

These gourds are amazingly durable. Little care is needed, simply wipe with a slightly damp cloth. No oils or cleaning agents should be used. Like any instrument, you don't want to expose your gourd shaker to long periods of direct sun light or to excessive moisture.

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