About Us

World Wide Drums

World Wide Drums, LLC is a family-owned business, established in 2004. The company was founded by Nick Zwack, an accomplished set drummer playing blues, funk and swing gigs in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. His older (much older) brother, Michael, has spent most of his life traveling the world helping the less fortunate. As he traveled, he would pick up drums and send them back to Nick. Many of Nick's friends expressed interest in his unique drum collection and wanted to know the origin and purpose of the drums. As Nick researched these facts, he became aware of a vibrant and growing drumming community. He also discovered there were limited choices for obtaining quality drums at affordable prices. Nick's passion became his business as he developed a Web site that offers a wide variety of drums and percussion instruments from around the world.


Nick's first concept was to feature drums from every continent. However, he quickly realized how popular the Djembe (pronounced "jem-bay") drum was. This was largely due to its versatility and application in the drum circle. It was no surprise to Nick that the Djembe came from the motherland of drumming, Africa. Nick then knew he would focus his endeavor with a site that featured Djembe drums and other percussion instruments from Africa.


With a concern about fair trade practices and the legal harvesting of wood in Africa, Nick first began to import drums from Indonesia, where it was easier to confirm that proper practices were applied. After considerable work, Nick was also able to establish relationships with expert drum builders in Africa who ensure legal wood harvesting and fair labor practices are in place. World Wide Drums continues to offer drums from both Indonesia and Africa. Both regions meet all of Nick's requirements for value and fair trade practices.


Since its humble beginning in 2004, World Wide Drums has tripled in size. The company has adopted a controlled growth strategy to maintain its focus on superior customer satisfaction. Nick's intent was not to become the largest provider of African drums, but rather to be the one that provides an easy, risk-free, enjoyable buying experience. While others may import and sell in mass quantities, Nick's focus is on quality and integrity.


World Wide Drums encourages feedback from its customers and the drumming community. Feedback from the drumming community often results in new products on the site and most comments get a personal response from Nick.


Nick is grateful for the growing family of customers and reminds you to ... Play From The Heart!