Djembe Drum Strap Instructions


Djembe Straps can be used in both the standing and sitting position. Most people only think of a Djembe Strap for the standing position. Don't over look the benefits of using a Djembe Strap when sitting.


In the sitting position the strap provides extra support for the drum and eliminates the need to hold the drum with your legs. This greatly reduces the fatigue associated with securing the drum with only your legs and thighs.



Djembe Strap Instructions, Standing Position:




    1. Lace Djembe Strap through 3 - 4 verticals on the near side of the playing surface.  This is the side closet to you when playing.

    1. Even-up the two free ends and tie a knot about six inches from the end.

    1. Cradle the Djembe in the strap with the knot on the far side of the drum placed between the Djembe Bowl and the stem.

    1. Kneel down in front of the Djembe and place the right strap over the right shoulder and the left strap over left shoulder.  We find this to be the most comfortable position. (Optionally: lift the left strap over your head to the right shoulder and the right strap over the left side of you head.  This crosses the straps in the back for a more secure position)

    1. Stand and take note of the Djembe height.  Adjust the knot as needed to find a comfortable playing position.

    1. Move to the groove and Play From The Heart!


Djembe Strap Instructions, Sitting Position:

    1. Lace the Strap through 3 - 4 verticals on the far side of the playing position.

    1. Bring the strap around to the near side of the drum and loop through a vertical about 3 inches from the center of the Djembe, (see photo above).  Repeat for the other side.  Experiment with where you end at a vertical to see what fits you best.

    1. Sit in a comfortable playing position. Sitting up straight reduces stress on the spine.

    1. Bring the straps around your back and note where you want to place the knot to hold the drum in position

    1. Tie a knot where you noted in step 4.

  1. Bring the Djembe Strap over your head and down to the small (lower) of your back and Play From The Heart!