Earth Friendly "Green" Djembe


Are you concerned about the source of wood for your Djembe?

World Wide Drums believe it's important to buy an earth friendly "green" Djembe. Equally as important are the labor practices used to product the drum. See our article on fair trade.

World Wide Drums requires their producer to provide proof of government certification the wood has come from legally harvested, or plantation grown sustainable wood sources.This is most easily accomplished with the manufacturers in Indonesia where plantation grown Mahogany is readily available. Indonesia also has well established laws and governmental procedures.

The process of certifying the sources of wood also exists in Africa. However, it is critical for the importer to establish a relationship with someone who is ethical and honest.Since corruption is wide spread, documentation is relatively easily purchased.This is really no different than any other business relationship, it's just more important in this case.World Wide Drums puts a great deal of effort ensuring we work with ethical producers in Africa. In fact, our main supplier in Africa established their business by working with a prominent U.S. University and with a focus on fair trade practices.

Regardless of the country of origin of the wood used to produce your Djembe, all countries have the same basic requirements for certifying the timber.African drum producers are required to track the timber at all phases of harvesting through to manufacturing. An official is required to certify the wood at the site where the timber was cut.Certification is also required at the market where the wood it purchased.World Wide Drums require proof of certification before the drums are exported.

In spite of continuing wide spread mismanagement of our sustainable wood resources world wide.And the seemingly never ending supply of companies taking advantage of this misuse to ensure cheep products and high profits; there are laws, practices and procedures in place to ensure we produce wood in a responsible way.The good news is, we have all the tools needed to ensure we don't abuse the environment or the people producing our products.Progress is being made in this area and we hope this will continue.

In a consumer drive economy, much of the responsibility rests with you, the buyer.No with whom you are buying and ask for proof if you are not certain of their buying practices.If we all do our part, there will be plenty of wood for future generations of drummers.

Good luck with your purchase and remember to Play From The Heart!