Traditional African Symbols and Their Meaning





Aya (Fern)
Defiant, Independant, Resourceful
Kojo (Rays) Heavenly, All knowning
Gya, Nyame Presence of God, God alone
Fihankra (House) Security, Safety
Osrane ne nsoroma (Horn) Wisdom, Learning, Humility
Ohene (King) Foresight
Kuntenkante (Pride) Modesty
Bin nkabi (Don't bite) Do not seek revenge, Avoid conflict
Krado Law, Authority
Funtunfunafu (Crocadiles sharing one stomach) Need for unity, Work together
Gyawu Respect, Leadership
Akoko Nan (Childern's Claw) Loving Disipline
Sankofa (Fetch) Mistakes and be corrected, Look to the past for wisdom,
Duafe (Comb) Feminine virtue, Everlasting love
Odenkyem (Crocodile) Defense, Protection
Adwo Calmness under pressure
Akoben (War horn) Willingness to take charge
Wawa Aba (Seed) Overcoming barriers
Osrane (Sun and Moon) Marriage, Faithfulness
  Kramobone One bad makes all look bad
  Pagya (Flint for fire) Striking out
  Nkontim (Hair of the queen's servant) Loyalty, Ready to serve
  Owuo Atwedee (Ladder) Fate, Inevitable