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What Size Djembe Should I Buy


What height and head size is right for my Djembe?

When selecting the right size Djembe, it's important to first consider what you want to do with the drum.

Regarding the drum head size, the height of the drum usually dictates the head size. Some people over 6 feet tall like the 28" tall Djembe. These drums can get quite heavy. So select your Djembe's height first.

If you want to play the drum mostly in a sitting position, and you are an adult, a 24 inch tall Djembe is most appropriate. This will bring the head of the drum up to your belly button and above your legs a few inches, which is ideal for playing. If the drum is too low, you will end up holding it up between your knees to play. This is a fatiguing position to maintain.

Dancing can be conducted with 24"X12" Djembes. Some people like to switch down to a 20" tall drum for dancing.

The 9" tall Djembe is perfect for back packing and camping.

Here are the typical Djembe sizes found at World Wide Drums. Note that slight size variations result from the drums being hand made.


Djembe Height

Head Size






12" - 13"



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